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About FIR  

Simply put, an FIR ray is a form of light energy emitted from the Sun Health Solutions, India. FIR Thermal System produces this same energy which is essential for all living things. As FIR rays penetrate the skin layers, light energy transforms to heat.

This causes blood vessels to dilate, which promotes better blood circulation as the heat rids the body of toxins through sweating. FIR rays are also called vital rays because of their regenerative effect on the body. Overall, Sun Health Solutions FIR Thermal System detoxifies, gives the heart a cardio workout and finally regenerates the body.

Based on science, FIR technology was originally developed in the United States by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Now combined with Chinese and Japanese research, Sun Health Solutions provides all the healthful benefits of far infrared energy are one compact, portable user-friendly thermal system. The research and development that goes into our products is unprecedented. Our global scientific and academic collaborations set empirical standards to validate our product safety, efficacy, and quality and consumer value.

What is Far Infrared (FIR) Thermal System?

  • A recreational device with health benefits
  • Made of high-quality hemlock wood from Canada
  • Equipped with bio-ceramic emitters made from 26 kinds of ceramic with various mineral oxidesa and heated together at 1600 degrees centrigrade and left to cool down. After it has cooled down, this bio-ceramic will be capable emitting FIR (far-infrared rays)
  • Emits 8–10 micron, specific wavelength that meets the 6 to 10 micron the level beneficial to the human body.

Far Infrared (FIR) rays

  • The sun is the principal source of radiant energy that we experience daily
  • The spectrum of energy from the sun is classified according to the length of the waves
  • The far end of the infrared spectrum are the longest and most healing rays, the far infrared rays spanning from 1,000 to 4 microns
  • Between 4 – 14 microns in the FIR waves are the safest and the most vital to health and healing
  • We can’t see it, but we can feel it. It is known as radiant heat which is a form of energy that heats objects directly through a process called conversion, without having to heat the air in between

Benefits - What FIR Can Do For You?

Taking responsibility for one's health is a vital component of a holistic lifestyle. Step into Sun Health Solution's FIR Thermal System and feel the rays as they do their work. Imagine, you can relax your way to keeping fir in only 20 to 30 minutes a day as you burn more than 600 to 900 calories. Subsequently, as your blood circulation improves, internal nutrients and oxygen supplies reach skin cells, promoting and producing new skin cells.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from an illness or injury, FIR is also recommended by physicians to accelerate the healing of their patient's new injuries while providing relief to chronic cases. Lastly, it is with great success that Sun Health Solutions FIR Thermal System technology is able to provide everyone with a whole body therapy system to improve their quality of life.


Preventive Health Care

  • Improves blood flow and oxygen circulation
  • Purifies the body of disease-causing toxins and heavy metals
  • Fortifies immune system and resistance to sickness

In today's world, exposure to chemicals and heavy metals often exceeds our body's ability to excrete them. The sources range from mercury from fish and from dental fillings, plastics from food packaging, pesticides from our immediate environment and so on. All of these accumulate in the body, ultimately causing problems for many of us.

Sitting in a Sun Health Solutions FIR Thermal System induces the detoxifying process and purges the body of harmful heavy metals known to cause disease. Thereby boosting and fortifying the immune system and improving the body's overall resistance to sickness, which is the key to overall body maintenance.


Fitness and Weight Loss

  • Tones muscles
  • Conditions and strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Burns 600-900 calories in a half-hour session
  • Increased energy
  • Dissolves toxin storing far through perspiration
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Controls weight
Speeds up the metabolic process of the body’s vital organs and endocrine glands which results in substantial weight loss.

What is FIR ?