Sun Health Solutions
No. 401, Ground Floor, Swastik Complex,
S.C.Road, Sheshadripuram

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How do I open my own centre?
Call our head office and make an appointment with us. From there, one of our representatives will meet to discuss the entire process with you.

Do I have to register a company to open my own centre?
The centre operator is required to register a company which will be used for all future dealings with Zazen Health Solutions Sdn Bhd. From that point, an agreement is signed between the centre operator and Zazen Health Solutions Sdn Bhd.

How many units would be required to open a centre?
Centres are required to have a minimum of four FIR units. The units are sold at a discounted rate.

How do I go about seeking financing to open a centre?
Kindly speak to our staff for details and advice.

Will I be able to get everything I need through Sun Health Solutions?
From your renovation to your daily operations, from outdoor signage to indoor signage, from towels to business cards. We provide everything.



If someone is on medication, is it advisable for them to use the machine?
It is advisable: however, one should wait up to two hours before sitting because as anything alien to the body will be flushed out.

Why must you consume calcium and magnesium?
Continuous sitting in FIR will end up removing a very small amount of magnesium and calcium from the body; therefore, it is advisable to replenish them as they are essential for maintaining healthy bones.

Can I drink water during the session?
Yes, it is advisable to drink water as you body needs to be hydrated and water assists in flushing out the toxins. And, it is also strongly advised to drink a lot of water after the session to assist in further flushing and hydration.

Will I lose minerals in the sweating process?
Yes, therefore it is important to replenish them.

What is the minimum age limit to use the machine?
There is no age limit. A new born baby also needs FIR; that is why incubators use far infrared and ultraviolet rays. It is advisable for children above the age of six years to sit; however, as their bodies aren't in need of a major detox, ten minutes is long enough.



Over time, will the FIR emitter reduce in power?
No, the rods will not erode. At any point in time, if the heat is gone then the rod must be replaced. There are three possibilities if this should happen: the rod might be broken; the electric coil may have snapped; or the connection may be damaged.

What is the rod made out of?
Twenty-six types of minerals with bio-ceramic properties.

What happens if we pour water in the Thermal System?
The rods conduct electricity; therefore, it is not advised.

Can we keep the machine in the house?
Yes, it is designed to be used inside; however, it can be placed outdoors as long as it is protected from the elements.