How does VITAL RAYS benefit you?

FIR rays has penetration capabilities. It penetrates 1.5‚ÄĚdeep into your skin layer and rejuvenate, regenerate and heal your cells.

Blood vessels dilate causing the blood circulation to increase there by providing ample nutrition and oxygen to the cells.

The vital rays penetration causes the cells to vibrate there by removing the toxin material in them by a process of sweating.

Increases Cardiovascular conditioning

Enhances immune system and increase the resistance towards illnesses

Enhances the distribution of oxygen and ingestion of nutrients to every part of the body.


Purges toxic waste products through the skin

Aversion of future cancers

Fewer allergies

Increases immune system

Detoxifies on a cellular level

Prevention Health Care

It prevents number of diseases like cancer, diabetic, heart problem , H1N1 etc...

Improves blood flow and oxygen circulation

Purifies the body of disease-causing toxins and heavy metals

Speeds recovery from injuries and pain relief

Balances hormone system

Heals an astounding range of other sickness

Weight Management

Reduces cellulite and speedup the metabolic process of the bodies, vital organ and Endocrine gland which results in substantial weight loss.

Burns 600-900 calories in a half-hour session

Dissolves toxin storing fat through perspiration


Cleanses skin

Induces a healthy glow

Improves skin texture

Reduces stretch marks, keloids, scars and sunburn

Deep cleanses pores

Treat burns, wounds, cuts and other skin problems

Reduces ageing signs like wrinkles and pigmentation

Anti Ageing

Increases mental clarity

Body becomes more flexible

Restores youthfulness

Stress reduction leading to relaxation

Restore energy level


Tones muscles

Better circulation and increased energy

Reduction in swelling, inflammation, especially muscle, joints and neck